Stockton Products™ was founded in 1949 in response to construction demand in the Southwestern United States. Stucco finishes required a framework around which stucco could be applied and keep it from cracking at stress points. Stockton Products™ developed a welded wire corner to meet this need and named it CornerAid®. It quickly became, and remains, the industry standard. Over the following 62 years, Stockton Products™ would introduce many unique “wire-corner” products including Stainless Steel varieties, Plastic Nose Cornerbead (with a non-rust high impact PVC nose), ArchAid® (for rounded door frames and openings) and Weep-Aid® (a foundation screed that maximizes the weep area and reduces the opportunity for stucco to stain or crack).

As the business grew and prospered, Stockton Products™ expanded into metal vents, reveals, and trims. Today the company manufactures a full line of these products in aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel and zinc. The company is widely known for its responsiveness to requests for custom designs in these products.

Furthering the concept of enhancing the quality of stucco finishes, Stockton Products™ today also offers high quality building paper and Pozalite®. Pozalite® is a proprietary stucco/concrete enhancer developed by Stockton Products™ that improves the hardness of stucco and concrete, extends “open time” for better workability and allows pumping of stucco and concrete over long distances.

Stockton Products™ serves the US and Canada from five manufacturing and warehouse locations in the Western US. The company has stocking distributors throughout North America. All of Stockton’s products are proudly made in the US. Its product quality, consistency, and breadth of offering are widely acknowledged to be the best in the industry. The company looks forward to serving your needs today and for another 60 plus years.

Vicenza Designs™ is a manufacturer of handcrafted, solid pewter cabinet hardware. Due to the proprietary designs and high detailing, the Vicenza Designs products are frequently referred to as “Cabinet Jewelry”. With over 400 designs and 12 finish options, Vicenza Designs’ products are sold through retailers across North America. These products range from classically elegant to whimsical. In addition to classic Tuscan Designs, the company offers a natural bamboo collection, wetlands collections, equestrian-oriented designs, fruit and vegetable collections, and floral themes.

Proudly made in the United States, the handcrafted Vicenza Designs products include: cabinet knobs and pulls, door handles, towel bars and hooks, shower door and appliance pulls, and door knockers. A line of unique napkin rings were recently introduced to tabletop fashions and gift retailers.

Green Express Direct™ is an internet-based purveyor of energy efficient, water conservation and recycling-related products that meet the needs of owners and managers of residential, multi-family, hospitality, educational and commercial properties. Products sold by Green Express Direct are selected to save its customers money, to lower energy and water consumption, and to encourage reuse and recycling.

The Holsman Automobile Company was an early United States automobile manufacturer Chicago, Illinois in 1902. Founded by Henry K. Holsman, the company produced a high wheeler automobile until production ceased (see photo). Three examples, a 1904, 1906 and 1909 are at home in our Las Vegas facility. A 1907 model is on display at the Southward Car Museum in New Zealand. Another 1907 model is held at the Burwell Museum in Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom, possibly the only 1907 Holsman in the UK. A third 1907 Model 3 is located at the Des Chutes Historical Center in Bend, Oregon. Another example can be seen at the Cloud County Historical Museum in Concordia. Holsman Automobile collectors appreciate this hardy high-wheeler.